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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

AAU basketball has been at a stand still for months now, and this summer wasn't your average summer. Players had to workout virtually, tournaments were obsolete and the grind seem to be paused.

But even during the midst of it all, we didn't forget those top teams and coaches who were already putting in the work and exceeding all expectations. One of those teams from the class of 2027 is R4L Elite. A powerhouse team from Ohio who is arguably the best team in the country, coached by an experienced and winning coach in Mike Hill, we will take a look at how Coach Mike, his staff, the parents and players, have become the team with the biggest target on their backs. 

Oh yea... And R4L Elite want all the smoke!!!

1.Tell us a little bit about how R4L Elite got started? Myself and another coach from Cincinnati (Coach Carlos) has had the best team in Cincinnati for the last 4 year, we would always go at each other and we finally said lets put our ego's aside and put these two teams together and really makes some noise for the boy and the city.  2.As the leader of this team, what’s the mental approach you and your soldiers take before each game? Never take anything for granted and shut up and work #SUAW, that's what we live by.  3.You guys are top 5 in the country in the class of 2027. What have you guys done to stay on top? We have very intense practice, we don't let up because we know if we do anyone can take our spot and we know that everyone wants it. Also do individual training to get better 2-3 times a week.  4.Its been a lot going on during the pandemic. Have you guys made adjustments training wise? The hardest thing for us has been us locked out of the gym and struggling to find one. So we've had to practice outside a lot to get the work that we need.  5.Which tournaments are you guys looking to participate in during 2021? Still haven't figured that out as of today but best believe it will be the best of the best.  6.Has your team been playing together for a while or has the chemistry just been natural? This team has only been playing together for 6 months, it just naturally came together.  7.Tell us a little about your back court.. Too much talent (Tyson, Leshawn, Chris, Jayshawn) and they scrappy and tough! 8.What are some things you want to see your team improve on? As a coach I just want to see my kids IQ grow everyday, from practice to games to watching film to open gym. I want my kids to improve of their IQ everyday. 9.Your team is pretty deep. Can you tell us a little about the squad? We have 8 kids that just gives us everything they got. We take pride in defense and that's how we get a lot of our buckets off of our defense. But we also have 4 of the top players in the country Chris Washington, Le'Shawn Hill, Joshua Tyson and Bryce Curry. Two kids are coming up and on the rise, Jayshawn Coffey (Class of 2028 playing up) and Amir Phillips. This team is just special.  10.How was the team bonding before and amidst the pandemic? We were bonding very well and was excited for this year but we'll be ready next year.  11.What are some of the goals this team has for 2021? Continue to get better nothing more nothing less. 

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