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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Atlanta is well known for its good food, great weather and dope music. I mean it's been that way for some time now. But the basketball scene has been taking off and the future couldn't look any brighter.

That begins with Brielen Craft; one of the top players in the class of 2028 who plays for North Coast Blue Chips. Crafty, steady, serial bucket getter. He reminds me of a young KD. This young bull has all the tools in the tool box.

Let's get to know Brielen Craft.

1. Who introduced you to the game of basketball?

At the age of 2, my father bought me my first plastic hoop set and ball. It was my favorite thing to play with.

2. Who has been the biggest influence on you as a student athlete and why?

Noah F. - watching his videos has allowed me to see how he juggles school and basketball at the same time and be successful at both.

3. If you could work out and be mentored by one player in the NBA, who would it be and why?

Paul George - He is an all-around player who can shoot, dribble, play defense, have hops, and is a great teammate. I think he would be a great mentor for me and someone that I could learn a lot from.

4. If you could pick 3 players in the NBA, which 3 best describes your game?

Giannis - We both use the eurostep and a great finish in the paint.

Dame (Damian Lillard) - We both get to the basket quick and can beat you off shooting a 3 point ball.

Magic Johnson - We both have a high basketball IQ with high passing vision and can find teammates at all times as well as being a good leader.

5. Tell us a little about your training regimen.

Start off with warm-ups - 2 ball bounce - one high and the other low and switch after 50.

One basket dribble to other basket with both balls - pick one up and lay up with right hand and left leg in air. (Must make at least 3 in a row)

Work on Ball Handling into a floater in the middle.

3-Point Shoot around (Must make 10 in a row).

Use a heavy weight with two hands above head and do single legged jumps.

Practice and Shoot around.

6. What is the most important lesson your parents have taught you about being a student-athlete?

To never overestimate how hard something can be whether in basketball or in class. Keep Priorities in line God first, family, school, and then sports. Always try to do my best and never give up. Most importantly learn from my mistakes and not dwell on them.

7. We at Top Elite feature players and teams on the rise and those who have been exceptional for a while. What are some things you feel are your strengths as a player?

Getting to the basket and finishing good mid-range shooting.

8. If you had to choose one player or team as your toughest competition, who would it be?

Team - Texas United - good shooting team - all move around well; good teamwork and very competitive.

9. What else do you enjoy doing besides playing basketball?

Playing video games. 2K, Madden, Fortnite, Hanging with my friends.

10. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Giannis - To see where he came from Greece to America - He is such a hard worker and knows what he wants. He is one of the best players in the world without a championship. His moves are tough and I really like his game.

11. When you have a tough game, what are some things you do mentally that keep you motivated?

If I feel I’m not doing what I need to do to finish strong, I try and get my teammates hype along with myself. I’ll try and get in my opponents head with my excitement (like clapping it up) that also helps motivate my team.

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