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Texas has always been known for their elite basketball players. From Grant Hill and Marcus Smart, to Lamarcus Aldrige and Trae Young, Texas produces some studs.

In comes Gabe Hernandez; the sharpshooter from the #1 team in the country in the class of 2028, Texas United. Gabe is one of the best shooters in the class. When you need a big 3, big shot or big play, Gabe delivers in big time fashion. A proven bucket getter, let's get to know Gabe Hernandez

1.It's been a lot going on with no AAU basketball this summer and Covid keeping you at home. What have you been doing to keep your game sharp? Shooting of course, and skills training, but I mainly focused on getting stronger and made sure I kept up with my conditioning. Conditioning is something that has always been a big part of my training. 2.As one of the best shooters in the class of 2028, how often do you work on your shot?  I work on my shot everyday, whether it be form shooting, spot shooting, off the dribble, on the move, free throws, shooting off of bad passes, shooting when I’m tired, etc... I’m always working on different forms of shooting that will help improve and expand my shooting game.  3.Is there any part of your game that you feel needs improvement? There’s always room for improvement in all areas of the game but this off season I will focus a lot on ball handling, attacking the basket, and passing.  4. Not only are you one of the best shooters in the country, but you are one of the best players in the country. What things do you think separate you from the rest?  I think my shot making ability definitely separates me from the rest. Also, I’m a very coachable and unselfish player. Whatever my team needs me to do for us to win, I’ll do.  5. Who's your biggest inspiration? My family without a doubt, that’s who I play for. 6. If you had to pick one player to be mentored by, who would it be and why? Steph Curry, he’s my favorite player. I know he would have a lot of tips for me to improve my shooting and all around game. I love the art of shooting so it just makes sense to be mentored by the best to ever do it.  7. How much does it mean to you to have the support of your parents? It means a lot, my parents work hard and make a lot of sacrifices for me to be able to play travel ball. They take me to my practices and trainings everyday, sometimes twice a day. Also, my little brother is always there supporting me at my games so I never want to let him down either. 8. Every young player dreams of playing in the NBA. Who would you pick as a back court mate that's in the NBA now? Steph Curry at the 1, Gabe Hernandez at the 2, best back court in the game! lol  9. Every game is different. What is your mindset going into the big games? My Dad always tells me confidence is everything. So I just tell myself to be confident, play smart, play defense, and knock down shots. Everything else will fall into place.  10. If you had to pick something else to become when you grow up besides an NBA player, what would it be.  I would still want to do something that involves basketball so probably a trainer/shooting coach like @lethalshooter

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