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New York City is known for its flare and ball handling. If you are a guard from NYC, guarantee you are able to handle that rock, lead a team and have a heart of a lion. Couple all of that up with the ability to shoot that thing, you create a player by the name of Johnny Magna. We at Top Elite call him "Lights Out."

We have seen this young bull play at very high levels and perform when the lights are on. A bucket from anywhere on the court, "The Gun" is one of the best shooters in the class of 2027. Top 25 in his class, let's get to know the young gunner from Riverside Church. 

1.When did you first start playing basketball?

I first started playing basketball when I was 6 years old but as soon as I was able to walk a basketball was always in my hand.

2.Who has been the biggest influence on you as a student athlete and why?

My parents are my biggest influence on being a student athlete because both of my parents played for the best high schools in Queens CTK and Molloy and preach you have to do well in school it’s so important in life. Books before ball.

3.If you could work out and be mentored by one player in the NBA, who would it be and why?

Devin Booker because I think our games are similar. 

4.If you could make a team of the top 5 players in the NBA right now, who would your team be?

Steph curry, James harden, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Joel Embiid would be my starting 5 in the NBA right now.

5.You are one of the best shooters in the country. What are some things you do to work on your jumpshot?

I work on my shooting by form shooting to get my form right.  But the key to being a good shooter is to shoot everyday.

6.What is the most important lesson your parents have taught you about being a student-athlete?

The most important lesson my parents have taught me is books over ball, but to play for Molloy you need good grades.

7.We at Top Elite feature players and teams on the rise and those who have been exceptional for a while. What are some things you feel are your strengths as a player? 

Some of my strengths as a player are shooting, IQ, and also whenever I want to get to the basket I have the moves to get there and score. 

8.Who do you play AAU with and what has been your best experience while playing AAU basketball?

Riverside Hawks is who I play with now, but my best experience is learning from all the coaches like Coach Kat, Coach E, Coach Danny and Coach Hec and Coach Steve. I played with some great teammates who are my friends now. 

9.How many hours a week do you train and what part of your game do you work on the most and why?

I train everyday.  Some days is shooting, some days conditioning and some days ball handling. So each training session is about 2-3 hours.

10.When you have a tough game, what are some things you do mentally that keep you motivated?

I look at each team the same because I play hard in every game but when I know I’m going against a better team, I know I have to turn it up and go 10 times harder. 

11.If you can do and be anything else besides a basketball player when you grow up, what would it be and why?

A college basketball coach or commentator because I love the game and I know it well.

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