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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Florida has become a hotbed of talent for basketball. We have seen some talented players blossom from there and these two are next in line.

The Mullins Brothers are tough, talented and tenacious between those lines. Karl Jr. has the ball on a string and Kaden can score in bunches. Both have the heart of a lion. Two of the top guards in Florida in their respective classes, let's get to know the Mullins Boys.

1.Who introduced you both to the game of basketball? 

Karl JR: My dad introduced me to basketball.

Kaden: My Father at the age of 3. 2.You come from a basketball household. Were you guys always competitive?

Kaden: Yes, I always try to beat my brother and I know I’m going to be better then him one day because my brother always pushes me.

Karl: Yes, always been competitive on and off the court. 3.If you could work out and be mentored by one player in the NBA, who would it be and why?

Karl: I would pick Stephen Curry because he can help me improve my shot.

Kaden: Kyrie because he can help me work on my handles  4.We have seen you both play on a high level, as well as prove yourselves as two of the top young guards in the Florida in your respective classes. What mindset do you bring each time you step on the court?

Kaden: I bring the mindset of a killer because I know nobody is better than me.

Karl: Mamba Mentality when I step on the court, I don’t fear anybody, I don’t care who it is. 5.If you could pick 3 players in the NBA, which 3 players best describe your game?

Kaden- Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Ray Allen.

Karl - Allen Iverson, Kyrie , Magic Johnson.  6.How many hours a week do you train and what part of your game do you work on the most and why?

Kaden: 11 hours shooting.

Karl: 12 hours Shooting.  7.What is the most important lesson your parents have taught you about being a student-athlete?

Kaden: School comes before basketball.

Karl: Can’t play basketball unless you have good grades in school. 8.Do you guys ever play one one one and if you do, who wins the most?

Kaden: Yes , Karl but not for long, lol.

Karl- Yes, me because I’m better.  9.If you had to choose one player or team as your toughest competition, who would it be?  Kaden: All Ball would be the toughest team.

Karl: CP3. 10.What else do you enjoy doing besides playing basketball?

Kaden: Playing NBA 2k, Madden, Fortnite.  

Karl: Fortnite. 11.Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Karl: My Parents.

Kaden: My Family.  12.When you have a tough game, what are some things you do mentally that keep you motivated?

Kaden: I think about what I did wrong and make sure I don’t do it again.

Karl: I think about what I do best then I go do it in the game.

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