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We are all very familiar with the Ball Brothers by now. They are well on their way to being the best trio of brothers we have seen in a long time.

In NYC, the Almodovar brothers are next up on that list. Lil Hec, Amare and Melo play no games between those lines. Each one of them are considered the top guards in their class. Hec can score at any level; Amare is a certified bucket and threat on both ends; Melo, who is the youngest, let's just say he isn't top 5 in the country in his class for no reason. The boy can do it all at his age. 

Let's get to know the young bullies of NYC..

1.Who introduced you both to the game of basketball? Our dad introduced us to basketball. 2.You come from a basketball household. Were you guys always competitive? Yes. We are always coming at each other. After the games, we compare our stats to see who did better. 3.If you could work out and be mentored by one player in the NBA, who would it be and why? Lil Hec: Kyrie Irving. He can teach me how to handle the ball better and I can work on those layup packages he be doing. Amare: Lebron James. He can do it all and I’m that type of player.  Melo: Stephen Curry. He can teach me how to shoot like Him. 4.We have seen all three of you play in NYC, as well as prove yourselves as some of the top guards in the country in your respective classes. What mindset do you bring each time you step on the court? Lil Hec: My mindset is to go at whoever and give them buckets. Amare: My mindset is to play my best.  Melo: I want to kill everybody.  5.If you could pick 3 players in the NBA, which 3 players best describe your game? Lil Hec: Kyrie Irving, Damien Lillard and Kemba Walker.  Amare- Lebron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Donovan Mitchell. Melo- Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Russell Westbrook.  6.How many hours a week do you train and what part of your game do you work on the most and why? Lil Hec: I train at least 6 days a week, 18 hours in total. I work on all parts of my game but mainly dribbling and shooting because I want to be great at both.  Amare: 12 Hours a week. I do a lot of dribbling because I need to improve on that. Melo: 12 hours a week. I work on a lot of dribbling and shooting. I’m still in the development stage.

7.What is the most important lesson your parents have taught you about being a student-athlete? Our parents tell us to be successful in life. We have to be students first. Books are more important than basketball. If we don’t have the grades, we can’t play on any teams. 8.Do you guys ever play one on one and if you do, who wins the most? Lil Hec: We play 2 against one most of the time and I’ll play Amare one on one. Of course I win.  9.If you had to choose one player or team as your toughest competition, who would it be? Lil Hec: Thrill 2027. Amare and Melo: Thrill- 2029/2030. 10.What else do you enjoy doing besides playing basketball? All of us like to play video games on PS4 2k20. We usually play madden and wrestling. On our phones, we play Roblox. 11.Who or what is your biggest inspiration? Our parents are the biggest inspiration. We see how hard they work to provide for us and we want to work our butt off to make it to help them out. 12.When you have a tough game, what are some things you do mentally that keep you motivated? Lil Hec: before a tough game my dad is always pumping me up by saying somebody gonna kill me.

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